Things to Do - Grateful List (May 2015)


* Watching Footlose (the original) with P
* Watching Empire
* Reading Station Eleven
* Reading The Wallcreeper
* Wyatt Cernac live at the Arlington Cinema Drafthouse
* The Tallest Man on Earth live at the Lincoln Theater
* Watching Jasmine Star's The Complete Wedding Photographer Experience on CreativeLive

* T and his whoopie cushion (so much happiness)
* Fitbit challenges (even when I lose)
* Soccer practice at dusk
* F's straight A report card (neither P nor T receive grades yet)
* A perfect Mother's Day - Monkey Kingdom at the drafthouse with cheese fries, the library, a fantastic photoshoot with a new client at night, and steak salad for dinner (thank you Dan!)
* Moms and wine on our porch
* Cava, Legally Blond, and facials for mom/daughter night with P and F
* P as Sacagawea for wax museum night
* Family dog walks at dusk
* Fris-bat (frisbee baseball with a stick) - the children's newest front yard obsession
* F's spring concert
* Dinner under the stars for dinner club
* 2 new family photoshoots with fantastic new clients
* P - "Mom, we used to be so little and have such great imaginations and now all we want is an iphone."

VACATION (Savannah, GA Moms' Weekend)
* Peach sangria at City Market
* Billy's Place for dinner ("In My Life" on the piano)
* "Big Ugly Fat Fuckers Eating Together" - The Lady Chablis on buffets
* J Crew and Gap sale racks
* Slow ride pub crawl
* How skinny I look next to drag queens
* Watermelon ice tea
* Fried green tomato BLTs

VACATION (Memorial Day Beach House)
* Everyone's signature "thing" - The Dori, hairstyle; The Hector, howl; The Melissa, mango-rita, tonic, vodka, and a splash of lime
* Sunday night dance party
* Pool, hot tub, beach, repeat
* 39 people working together
* 75 degree weather
* F kayaking with dolphins
* Smores on the beach and glowsticks in the dark
* F helping with the little kids


F - Minions, peace, love, my family, a nice house to live in and food to eat, that everything is so great, my teacher, reading, the beach

P - Freya's amazing concert, my family, Minions, my teacher, dog walks, our beach house, the swimming pool

T - Freya's concert, my long playdate with Ian and Mateo, my teachers, the beach house, playing, my family, the hot tub

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