Places to Go (Vacation) - Our (No Longer) Crazy Crowded Beach House, Days 5-6 (Jennette's Pier & Roanoke Island Festival Park)


I finally finished editing the last of our vacation photos . . .

All but one of the other families left the beach on Tuesday, but we can never say no to a vacation, so we chose to stay in the house for a few more days. On Wednesday, we went for ice cream and invited some friends over, who were also in the Outer Banks for vacation that week.


By Wednesday night, we were the last family left in the house. As the kids explored all the empty bedrooms, T asked, "is this what it feels like to live in a mansion?" (well, yes, I suppose it is). Where P said, "I feel so alone I want to cry." (Um, let's not forget that your whole family is here, okay P?). I tried to get the cable to work (with a house full of kids and devices, nobody had bothered to turn on the TV).


On our last day in Nags Head, we drove to Roanoke Island Festival Park ("RIFP") for an Outer Banks living history lesson. I was a little nervous about this adventure, as RIFP has a special place in my memory. In August 2010, we rented a house in the Outer Banks with my parents. My dad, who had been diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer years before, was experiencing what can only be called a miraculous recovery due to his participation in a trial drug study.

After a wonderful week with my parents at the beach, including a daytrip to RIFP (you can see the photos here, don't the kids look so little?), the drug's effectiveness began to decline. My father passed away in early 2011. Given his love of learning and history, it is quite fitting that we spent our last quality time together with my kids at a museum devoted to learning about the past.

Anyways, I was nervous about returning, for both sentimental and practical reasons (would the kids even like enjoy this adventure? Or were they too old for such things?). Luckily, everyone had a fantastic time - sailing the ship, bartering in the Native American Longhouse, exploring the settlement site, and becoming pirates in the museum.


On our last night the girls and I walked to Jennette's Pier, while T and Dan went fishing.


When your kids fall asleep like this, you know it's been a good day. The perfect end to a wonderful week.

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