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A few weeks ago we hosted a game night (the idea, borrowed from Shannon, being that you invite 5-7 couples who don't know each other, drink, play board games and bond). It's a great way to have fun and mix up your friends. Anyways, Dan and I racked our brains for the perfect party games (besides Cards Against Humanity), and came up blank (Settlers of Catan, sadly, doesn't exactly work for big groups, or, really, parties). Luckily, a friend recommended Celebrity, which we loved because we didn't have to buy anything and we ended up having a crazy fun time (I've also heard the game called "Fishbowl").

Here's how to play:

1. Everyone writes down three famous people (anyone from Jesus to Madonna), just try to make sure it's a name that everyone in the group would know (as we learned on Friday, Jimmy the Superfly Snuka is not a name we all recognize, though nice try Hector). Throw all the names in a big bowl and divide into two teams.

2. ROUND 1 - The first player draws a name from the fish bowl and can give as many oral or movement based clues as necessary to get her/his team to guess the name. Each player has 1 minute to go through as many names as possible. This round ends when all the names are drawn.

3. ROUND 2 - Now all the names are thrown back in the bowl, this round each player can only say ONE WORD to try and get his/her team to guess the names on the paper. Same 1 minute turns. Play until all the names are drawn.

4. ROUND 3 - All the names are thrown back in the bowl again, but this round each player cannot talk, HE/SHE CAN ONLY GESTURE to get his/her team to guess.

I know it sounds like a super easy, not-that-original game, but since each round changes the rules you'll find yourself laughing like crazy. Really. Perfect for all this holiday down-time.

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