Things to Do - Grateful List (November 2015) & Cherish This Day

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Happy Friday everyone, don't forget to check out this week's awesome on Cherish This Day.

* Reading Americanah
* Reading Some Luck
* Watching What Happened Miss Simone?
* Watching Project Runway, Season 14 (Ashely and Kelly!)
* Watching Master of None (esp. episode 9)
* Watching Girls Season 4 (esp. episode 5)
* Listening to Angus and Julia Stone
* Listening to Spotify's discover weekly playlists
* Attending the play Sorry [Apple Family Circus] at Studio Theater for date night
* P binge-reading the Sisters Grimm series
* T's excitement about meeting Laurie Keller and the Arnie the Doughnut series

* Hiking/walking Belle Isla (Richmond, VA) the day after Thanksgiving

* Rose's Luxury for Shannon's birthday (possibly the best dinner I've ever eaten)
* Best Bun's monkey bread
* Steak with chimichuri sauce, brussels sprouts with bacon, and roasted red potatoes with thyme

* 70 degree days
* F winning her election for school historian
* Rainy, lazy Saturdays
* Making it through two weekends in a row of sleepover birthday parties
* Neighborhood glow in the dark kickball
* Mini-law school reunion dinner at our house with Jim, Val, and Melissa
* T's cardboard box/fort/dungeon/battleship
* The Thanksgiving kids' spa
* Family Trivial Pursuit on Thanksgiving
* 9 family photo shoots (all with awesome families!)


F - Mysterious Benedict Society, Garfield comics, Happy & Coco, T's reading, books, P's birthday, snow, hot chocolate, sledding [note - we haven't had any of these yet], Thanksgiving

P - candy, cupcakes, ponies, Sisters Grimm, my birthday, Veterans Day, books, school, playdates, sleepovers, my imagination, my popple from Netflix, my Minion, Thanksgiving with my cousins, snuggles, hugs, reading the Magician's Nephew

T - P's birthday, kickball, that we went to the zoo, Veteran's Day, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, watching Once Upon a Time, an amazing family, building my box fort with P, Thanksgiving with my cousins and grandparents

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