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I have to say, making these meal plans (sometimes weeks in advance) has made life so much easier. I used to spend every Monday going through cookbooks and blogs, trying to find something new and interesting; whereas now I plan when I feel like planning. Or whenever a good recipe pops up on my facebook feed. All that being said, I am not a food photographer, my photos of salads are somewhat unappetizing. So this month, I'm switching to a photo of family dinner because I'm better at photographing people than food. HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE!


MONDAY - Bimibap bowls (via Clean Eating). We all love these (even the-impossible to-please T).

TUESDAY - Leftovers from the weekend.

WEDNESDAY - Middle eastern spiced squash and bean stew (via Sprouted Kitchen). This was shockingly good. Everyone loved it, which is somewhat miraculous considering the lack of meat and the addition of squash. Even Dan called it a keeper recipe.

THURSDAY - Dinner at Tupelo Honey with Alison. The kids have perogies and peas.

FRIDAY - Pizza at laser tag for P's birthday party.


MONDAY - Cabbage in apple cider with meatballs (via Tracy Anderson) with kale chips. The meatballs were good (and super healthy) but something was missing; they need a flavor burst of some sort.

TUESDAY - Slow cooker curry pork (via the kitchn). Good but greasy, I have to become better at trimming the fat.

WEDNESDAY - Dan makes a venison roast for P's birthday dinner; with mashed potatoes. So so good.

THURSDAY - Red pepper and cauliflower chowder (via Food 52) with mac and cheese for the kids. Tomato/lentil/mustard salad on the side. The soup tasted sort of like velveeta cheese. Um, yeah. The tomato and lentil salad (as always) was completely addictive.

FRIDAY - Leftovers with brussels sprouts/bacon/apples.

SATURDAY - Lyon Hall for dinner with friends.

SUNDAY - Dan roasts a chicken; with rice and peas as sides.


MONDAY - 3 day juice cleanse. Dan and the kids eat pizza.

TUESDAY - 3 day juice cleanse. Dan and the kids eat perogies and peas.

WEDNESDAY - 3 day juice cleanse. Dan and the kids eat spaghetti.

THURSDAY - Friends for dinner - Flank steak with chimichuri sauce; brussels sprouts with bacon and apples; roasted red potatoes. The perfect fall meal.

FRIDAY - Warm squash and chickpea salad with tahini (via Food 52) and left over steak. This salad was good but a little bland, though since it was super easy to make I still consider the dish a success.

SATURDAY - Rose's Luxury for Shannon's b-day.

SUNDAY - Leftovers from Saturday night; the girls have ramen.


MONDAY - Slow cooker choucroute (via Food 52) with cannelli beans with bacon and spinach as a side (via The Splendid Table). Everyone liked this meal, but I need a better source for smoked sausage, because I sort of felt like we were eating hot dogs with cabbage.

TUESDAY - Taco Tuesday (we used venison instead of ground beef, which was yummy and lean).

WEDNESDAY - Just me (the kids and Dan already left for Thanksgiving), so an easy salad.

THURSDAY - Thanksgiving at Dan's parent's house.

FRIDAY - Richmond with Dan's parents.

SATURDAY - Taylor Gourment take out.

SUNDAY - Dan makes venison and sausage spaghetti.


MONDAY - Sausage, cannellini bean, and tomato ragout(via Cooking Light). I sort of cheated on this one, using the leftover spaghetti sauce and adding beans (I love beans).

TUESDAY - Slow cooker chicken burrito bowls (via the kitchn). I overcooked the rice, but still I love this recipe, super easy and everyone likes it.

WEDNESDAY - Kale and brussels slaw with quinoa (via Sprouted Kitchen). Sprouted Kitchen has the best salad recipes, this one was so good I couldn't stop eating it.

THURSDAY- Papa Johns pizza for school fundraiser. I almost forgot how awful Papa John's pizza is. Now I remember.

FRIDAY - Playgroup at Kelly's house; she makes wonderful chicken soup for dinner.

SATURDAY - Atila's take out as we're cleaning the house for Game Night!.

SUNDAY - Perogies and left over hummus with veggies.

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