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Merry Christmas everyone (which seems somewhat bizarre to say as it is 71 degrees today)! Earlier this week, we took a quick vacation to NYC and I fell in love with this little statue at the Met. I'll have more photos of the trip up in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, have a fantastic holiday weekend!


* I LOVE this gallery wall!!!

* The lists keep coming - (1) The Atlantic's 5 books we missed in 2015; (2) Vulture's the 10 best podcasts of 2015; (3) The New Yorker's best books of 2015; (4) The New Yorker's favorite portraits of 2015; (5) NPR's favorite songs of 2015.

* 8 winter activities to enjoy in Europe. I WANT TO GO!!

* Brooke Collier photography continues to amaze me.

* 34 long articles to read over the holidays (link via Miss Moss).

* 46 Christmas cookie recipes from around the world. These all look awesome!

* Aren't these buildings so colorful and beautiful?

* New York Time's the year in pictures and how they made the cut; "The process always reminds me of how crucial a sense of voice, a sense of authorship is in making pictures. We are often looking at many different visual interpretations of the same event, and so it gives me a heightened appreciation for what any individual photographer brings to a story. You aren’t just documenting what’s happening in front of you. There’s a huge amount of decision-making that goes into the kind of picture that you as a photographer are going to make, as opposed to someone who could be standing a foot away from you."

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  1. WOW - that is family documentation like i've never seen before! what a story for her kids to look back at some day. LOVE the gallery wall!! Happy Merry everything my friend - how grateful I am that this weird blogging thing brought us together, and so excited for our winter project :) xoxo



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