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Happy Friday everyone! I'm so excited to spend my weekend at the Awesome Workshop!

Whatever you're doing, make sure to have fun. And don't forget to click on over to Cherish This Day to see this week's amazing!


* This mail-order bookclub looks tempting (link via Bleubird). Even if I don't buy a subscription, I think I'll follow their book suggestions.

* 4 women with different incomes talk about the lives they can afford.

* This might be my new dream vacation.

* I want a set of the Women [Playing] Cards.

* WSJ's summer book preview. SO MANY OPTIONS!

* After reading this article, I really want a sphero!

* We saw this band live Tuesday night and now I can't stop listening!

* These gorgeous photos make me want to vacation in England.

* I want to watch the Durrells!

* Virginia's hidden beaches.

* Doesn't this sound like a great date night or moms' night?

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