Things to Do/Places to Go - Summer Bucket List/ Countdown to Our Summer Roadtrip

My kids FINALLY have their last day of school this Friday - approximately a month later than most school districts.

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During the school year, with all three kids gone for almost seven hours a day, I established a (sort of) routine to my days and I'm a little nervous that I'll become a disorganized, cranky mom when "my" daytime hours become "our" daytime hours.

So I created an activity list for the first two weeks of summer vacation (we'll be out of town the third week).

I'm often overly ambitious when I create lists of any sort, so I tried to keep this year's pretty mellow - leaving room for a lot of lazy days at the pool, but still assuring that we all wake up with something to look forward to.

Each activity will be a surprise for the kids - just like the Countdown to Christmas, they'll open a special envelope every morning.

This is my first year trying something like this, so we'll see how it works. Has anyone else succeeded at something similar?


Day 1 (Sat) - Host a sleepover with your cousins

Day 2 (Sun) - Make lemonade (yes, with real lemons because F loves real lemon lemonade)

Day 3 (Mon) - Spend a day at the beach (Flag Ponds)

Day 4 (Tues) - Go to a movie

Day 5 (Wed) - Make popsicles

Day 6 (Thurs) - If you go to an art museum with me (the Hirschhorn), I'll take you to Menchies for ice cream

Day 7 (Fri) - Spend a morning at the zoo OR hiking at Potomac Overlook Park

Day 8 (Sat) - Make ice cream (if Dad can find the ice cream maker :)

Day 9 (Sun) - Family picnic at Rocky Run

Day 10 (Mon) - Tie-Dye t-shirts

Day 11 (Tues) - Watch a movie in the planetarium at the Air & Space museum OR an Imax film at the Natural History Museum

Day 12 (Wed) - Lunch with Dan downtown

Day 13 (Thurs) - Go to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival

Day 14 (Fri) - Meet Dan after work for a picnic at Hains Point or Yards Park


Day 15 (Sat) - Host a sleepover to say goodbye to your friends

Day 16 (Sun) - Leave for Asheville, NC; give kids the Book of Questions for the car ride

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  1. We do a summer fun list each year, but it is WAY less specific. Ours is just a giant list (water balloon fight, roller coaster, day at the beach, make pie, etc...). Then we check stuff on when we do it. The kids love it, we actually have to make ours this week! Ahh - summer!



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