Things to Watch - Five Family TV Shows on Netflix Streaming

I don't know about everyone else, but we have a hard time finding shows to watch together.

My kids could spend hours zoning out to Disney sitcoms (Liv & Maddie, Jessie, Kickin' It), but I find them trite. Plus the content is full of stereotypes about "cool" kids and dorks (everyone is so self-mocking, but yet so beautiful). And the laugh track gets to me.

But my kids are WAY too young for most of the shows we watch (Bloodline, the League, Master of None, etc.).

So these are the five shows we've found that work for everyone (more or less).

1. Brain Games - I hate to use the word trippy in a kids' post, but I can't think of another adjective. Our brains are complex and they fool with us all the time. Plus, this show has a lot of quizzes and challenges that keep everyone entertained.

2. Once Upon a Time - I must admit, I lost interest after awhile, but the kids binge watched this like crazy. And I know a lot of families who insist this is the best thing to watch together on TV.

3. Malcom in the Middle - This is our go-to lately, especially since we live in a house with three kids. Everyone has a character with which to empathize. Several of the plots make me think, "wow, my life is a sitcom."

4. Parks & Recreation - So this one is a little iffy, the content is adult-based and some of the subject matter is a little risqué. But my kids love laughing at Andy. And Leslie Knope makes a great role model.

5. The Great British Baking Show - We haven't watched this yet, but several of my friends can't stop raving about it.


[Disclaimer- I receive compensation for posting about Netflix, but I decide what I want to write about and what I want to say.]


  1. My 10-year-old is the biggest Parks & Rec fan I know. We got her Leslie's book for Easter, and she has asked her guitar teacher to teach her the Little Sebastian song. Andy and April are her favorites, but even she admits, she's a lot like Leslie Knope. I have no problem with her watching it, because it's taught her so much about how local government works, and how it's fine to be idealistic and want to help people.

    I totally gave up on Once Upon A Time. It's... soooo... slooooooow.

  2. Danzel - My kids are huge Parks & Rec fans too! Any other tv show recommendations? We are having a hard time finding stuff to watch!

    1. We let her watch all of 30 Rock, too. I know, it's even more grown-up at times, but we decided she could handle it. Same with Arrested Development. We've been watching Cheers, too. My youngest is all about Girl Meets World and The Powerpuff Girls, and on streaming apps other than Netflix, The Mighty B and Adventure Time.

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