Places to Go (Vacation) - NYC Winter Weekend, Part II - Broadway and the M&M Store


On Saturday morning, we awoke on the 27th floor to snow falling over Times Square, the kids loved it more than TV. They also immediately started screaming "we need to go to the M&M store! Today! We NEED to go!" (If there is one place in the world nobody ever NEEDS to go, it's a giant store full of M&Ms). So after breakfast we dressed for the arctic and ventured outside. As always, the M&M store was crazy crowded (why do kids love this place so much?), but luckily the average price point is quite low. I bought T a mini light saber filled with candy for $4.50 and he acted like Santa couldn't possibly find any better toy (seriously?).

We then meandered over to see the HUMONGOUS Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. All three kids alternated between telling us "Wow, NYC is so beautiful at Xmas! I wish DC was like this! Look at the decorations and the Santa Clauses everywhere!" to "I'm cold and bored. Can we go back to the hotel yet?" We ended up stopping at the gigantic Toys R' Us (a working ferris wheel takes up the middle of the store), which was so full of people that I began to have a low scale anxiety attack.

And, finally, the big moment arrived - Matilda on Broadway. Since there are 5 of us, I bought the cheaper balcony seats, which were not that great. But still, I found the whole production over-the-top awesome (T can't stop singing "the little bit naughty" song). I thought F would love the play, since Matilda is one of her favorite books of all time, but as the script strayed from the book, she seemed disappointed. Oh well, I was enthralled.

Walking back down a very snowy Broadway, we learned that the tkts discount booth still had tickets to that night's showing of Annie. When in Rome . . . So we took the kids to two Broadway shows in one day (one at 8 pm). And I'm really glad we did, because Annie positively ENTHRALLED the girls. And T tried his best, but by 10:15 he was asleep in the chair. Oh well, all in all a perfect weekend.



Walking in the snow, post M&M store, in search of a really big tree.


Play #1 - I thought it rocked.


Despite the cold, it was sort of fun to see Broadway through the snow (especially since DC temperatures reached 70 degrees the next weekend).


Play #2 - T tried, but by 10:15 those 4 year old eyes had to close.

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  1. Oh what FUN! Christmastime in New York! I so would love to take Julia someday. I saw the New York City Ballet's Nutcracker when I was about 9, and it was the greatest thing ever. I remember thinking FAO Schwartz was some kind of magic land :) They had a dollhouse replica of Versailles that my dad informed me cost as much as a small car! And ANNIE. Oh how I love that show. Julia is getting the movie in her stocking! I loooooooooooooove Annie! What a fun time you all must have had and your photos are just magical. Happy holiday!!!!!



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