Things to Make - Road Trip Entertainments - Style Me Up and Unbreakable Pencils

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I haven't posted anything to make in quite awhile now. We. Must. Start. Making. Things. Even my recipes are old.

Anyways, before a long car drive, I try to buy the kids some sort of art/activity kit to keep them entertained for a few hours or so. Previously, I relied on Melissa and Doug sticker pads and doodle books, like these. But as the girls become older, less and less amuses them, making such purchases tricky.

Luckily, F picked up the above Style Me Up sketchbook from A.C. Moore (click hereto see similar products) and couldn't stop drawing. I think she enjoyed the challenge of creating a new wardrobe for a known figure, very Project Runway-esque. The books come with stickers too, for earrings and details.

We also bought one of Crayola's most recent offerings - the Colored Pencils Kit (is it me or does Crayola seem to come up with new products every 10 seconds or so?). The fact that the pencil tips don't break works wonderfully for car trips.

What about everyone else? Any other suggestions for road trip entertainment? (and, yes, in case you're wondering we've spied license plates from 21 states, though I think this game amused Dan and me more than the kids).


  1. Love the suggestions! We've been spending a lot of time in the car, too. Both of my kids have been loving these old school bingo games: http://www.worldmarket.com/product/travel-bingo-game.do

  2. Cat's cradle. My girls can play that for hours. They now race to see how quickly they can do all the shapes - we started with this book - http://www.amazon.com/Klutz-K536-Cats-Cradle-Book/dp/1878257536/ref=pd_sim_b_8?ie=UTF8&refRID=1B0E2WXQW8V5WCZNHAX7



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