Places to Go - Hiking/Playing at Potomac Overlook National Park (Arlington, VA) (plus Cherish This Day, The Stories We Tell, and Random Links)


Sorry for the incredibly long post title, it is the last Friday before school starts, so I crammed a lot in.

Anyways, last week, I took the kids hiking at Potomac Overlook (previously reviewed here). We actually made it all the way to the overlook (it's real! it's real!), but the kids had the most fun playing in the water and rock hunting. Sometimes I forget how the simplest pleasures really are the best - a warm (though not hot) day, wet feet, rocks that glisten in the stream, following a path with no clear understanding of where it leads. And as much as I love/like/accept Great Wolf Lodge, the wolf ears really needed some time to roam free in the wild . . .

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE!! Don't forget to click through to Cherish This Day & The Stories We Tell for some wonderful summertime inspiration.


* A Coloring Book for Adults. Hysterical.

* I want to read this.

* Women listening to men in western art history. FUNNY. (thank you Cup of Jo for the link)!

* A night at the museum - how fun does this sound?

* Global parenting habits that haven't caught on in the US.

* Nicely stated.

* Cabin Porn - I cannot stop browsing (link courtesy of Mother).

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