Things to Do - Cry, Mope, Celebrate. Repeat.


So today [which will be yesterday by the time this posts] my teeny tiny little baby boy went to kindergarten. You're probably thinking the same thing as me right now. Since when did they allow babies into kindergarten? I mean, just the diapers alone, it's too much. But wait. He doesn't wear diapers anymore. He actually hasn't for a long time now that I think about it. T talks now. Quite a bit. Full coherent sentences, with so so many ideas. When did all of this happen? I sort of know. But maybe I don't. Because while part of me watched a totally-ready-for-school 5 year old march out of the gymnasium, the other part of me saw baby T, crawling down the hall and needing me.

I could say that I'm sad, but that wouldn't quite cover it. Today I had more free time than I've had in 9 years (excluding vacations without the children). I yoga-ed, I grocery shopped. I tried to contemplate the years ahead, which lead to panic coupled with happiness coupled with a close evaluation of all my new wrinkles.

I found my old resume. I started to edit. Then I decided to watch the UP series instead (since I recently started 42 and Up I figured the cast might offer some guidance. They did not offer guidance). I signed up for sewing classes. I cleaned my closet. I planned a vacation (for Memorial Day 2015).

The world is my oyster.

It's only day 1.

I feel old right now. I wish I had Botox. I think one needs a job before they can afford Botox.

How does everyone have a job all of a sudden? I guess they've had jobs all along, I just never really noticed their jobs before. Once you no longer have a job (yes, I'm going to come out and say it, despite being unpaid, being a SAHM is still a job), it seems sort of crazy that EVERYONE YOU KNOW has a job.

I started to work on my website. Did you know I have a website? Darcy Troutman Photography is now booking for fall sessions.

I need a plan . . . I'm working on a plan. Or at least I'm thinking about working on a plan. I'm planning to plan.

Wow, today is tougher than I thought it would be. Tomorrow I've booked: a personal trainer appointment, haircut, eyebrow wax, and pedicure. Then I'll probably cry for awhile.


(Um yes, F wore her "SeaWorld Kills" t-shirt for the first day of school. Apparently, this is what happens when we watch socially conscious documentaries on family movie night).

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