Things to Do - 12 in 12 (September 2014)

Fridays are fun . . .

friday (2 of 12)

8 am - This is how the morning begins.

friday (1 of 12)

8:30 am - F and P received a bag of hand me downs that included these awesome shoes. After a fight to figure out who owned the kicks, they've decided to alternate wearing them. Friday was P's turn.

friday (3 of 12)

8:45 am - Walk the children to school. The girls run ahead while T (sort of) waits for me.

friday (4 of 12)

9:30 am - Walk the dogs while reading this week's New Yorker.

friday (5 of 12)

11 am - Meet up with a good friend to check out the National Gallery's Andrew Wyeth exhibit, followed by lunch at the National Museum of the American Indian's Mitsitam Cafe (so so good). Turns out there are benefits to days without children.

[1:30 pm - 3 pm - Stream Click Away for free at home. Sue Bryce is amazing.]

friday (6 of 12)

4 pm - Spontaneous happy hour in a friend's backyard. Apple-ahh-Ritas are so bad they're good.

friday (7 of 12)

5 pm - Still happy houring.

friday (8 of 12)

6 pm - When you're in second grade, pure magic equals friendship with a fifth grader.

friday (9 of 12)

6:30 pm - Walk home from happy hour. Can you tell we've been watching American Ninja Warrior lately?

friday (10 of 12)

8:00 pm - Neighborhood party. I love South Arlington.

friday (11 of 12)

9:00 pm - Party still going. DC Taco Truck + Mariachi band + T's friends buying him his first set of Pokeman cards = a super fun night.

friday (12 of 12)

10:30 pm - T passed out on the couch as soon as we came home. So I carried him to our bed (I can no longer lift T into his loft bed on my own). P bounces around my room, unwilling to let the night end.

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