Things to Make - Leaf Stencils


I realize there is some irony in finally posting craft projects once school reopens. But, hey, it was a long summer. Anyways, we leaf stenciled with watercolors a few weeks ago and the kids had a blast with this open-ended project. The girls traced the leaves with paint to create lovely designs, whereas T arranged the leaves and glued them to the paper. Either way, we ended up with some beautiful artwork to decorate the walls.


1. Materials: paper(preferably thick watercolor paper), summer and/or fall leaves and flowers of all sizes and varieties, watercolor paints, paint brushes of various sizes, and/or glue sticks.

2. After collecting the leaves, spread them out on a table or work surface. Ask children to hold down the corners and trace the edges with their brushes. They can also paint the leaf and then use it as a stamp. And/or glue leaves to the paper's surface.


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