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I bought the kids No Stress Chess last week and T wants to play it all the time.

Have you ever tried to play chess against a kindergartner (even this simplified version)? It is basically like playing against yourself and trying to decide whether nice mommy ("oh, you captured my king? How brilliant of you. I never saw that coming.") or mean mommy should win ("Do you even know what strategy is? Of course I beat you."). The whole experience is exhausting. Though now T keeps asking friends over to "play" chess with him. This seemed like even more work, but by "play" chess he means consolidate a ton of stuffed animals in a corner to discuss how best to fight the king.

Happy Friday! Click on over to The Stories We Tell to see how everyone else photographed "toys" this month.


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  1. Love that pic!!! ha ha ha I totally hear you about what kind of mama is playing the board game. OOOH my daughter hates losing. We kind of had to stop playing Chinese Checkers b/c it was leading to so many meltdowns! I love playing games with kids. It adds an element of danger to the proceedings. Will there be crying? Will something get thrown? (BY MOMMY, ha ha ha. just joking)

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