Places to Go/Things to Do - Dumbarton Oaks (Washington D.C.), Cherish This Day, & Random Links


It is supposed to warm up a little this weekend, so I'm posting a few photos from our (somewhat) recent trip to Dumbarton Oaks, which has free admission until spring (thanks KidFriendly DC for the suggestion). The kids ran and ran. The adults admired the gorgeous scenery. Everyone hypothesized on how one goes about obtaining swimming pool access (do any readers know the answer?).

And if you're still wondering how gorgeous the gardens really are, check out this article, where National Geographic ranked Dumbarton #6 among the top 10 gardens in the world (Dumbarton was the only American garden to make the list).

HAVE A FANTASTIC WEEKEND EVERYONE!! Don't forget to click on over to Cherish This Day to see how everyone else photographed their week.


* This cookbook looks awesome (because Husk is yummy).

* 22 Vintage Ads Designed to Keep Women In Their Place. Horrible.

* DIY - tiny house from a box. Wouldn't these be so cute as Xmas decorations? You could make little stockings and a tree.

* Ai Weiwei takes over Alcatraz.

* I'm not sure this was meant to be the funniest thing I've read this week. But it most definitely was the funniest thing I read this week. Of course I could be thinking too hard about what I think, "which is very dangerous." (On the other hand, this article points out that they actually said some interesting things).

* A whole blog full of spiralizer recipes.

* She woke up like this. This is awesome - “I have a note on my full-length mirror that says, ‘There is not enough time for hating yourself. Too many things to make. Go.’"

* 21 big batch cocktails for Thanksgiving. Yay!!

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  1. oooooh love the tiny box house! cakies is a really cute blog and it's been far too long since I visited over there :) - still rolling over the willow/jaden interview.......



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