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A few photos from our yearly trip to Cox Farms, the area's largest pumpkin playground. On the Tuesday that we visited the weather started out perfect, but by noon a storm moved in causing temperatures to drop significantly and a light, freezing drizzle to fall. We made it through a cold, rainy hayride then headed for home. Oh well, at least we had a few good hours.

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!! Now that soccer season is finally over, we plan on chill-axing for most of it (though photography season keeps going strong, making my work week the opposite of the general populations, with crazy busy Saturday and Sunday afternoons).

Don't forget to click on over to Cherish This Day to see how everyone else photographed the first week of November.


* Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2014.

* This Untamed Life now has a facebook page, please pop on over and give us some love!!

* Normal people in their underwear. I love these photos so much that I'm tempted to spend $100 on bra.

* Strandbeests.

* This coloring book looks awesome.

* Monopoly in photos. Atlantic City isn't very pretty anymore.

* 1 minute vacation.

* Domestic Bliss.

* Does anyone else remember ShowBiz Pizza Place? I loved that place (and, thanks to Danzel, I now need to see the documentary).

* This ad is pretty incredible.

* Wow, finally a TV show that our whole family is excited about.


Is it sad that every year I look forward to the corn maze? In my defense, it really is rather impressive.


The cold, drizzly hayride. But luckily the kids ended the day with a great group photo (Last week, while I worked on our Xmas cards and yearly calendar, I realized that I have almost no good shots of my three kids together from 2014, so now I'm forcing them to hug all the time).

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