Things to Do - Grateful List (November 2014)

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ARTS (um, I guess I watched a lot of TV in November)
* Watching the Artist is Present
* Watching Diane Vreeland's documentary
* Watching Sons of Peridition
* Watching How to Marry a Millionaire
* Watching Ai Weiwei
* Watching Gone Girl for date night
* Watching Big Hero 6 in 3D at the Courthouse theaters (love that theater, loved the movie)
* Reading Murakami's short story “Scheherazade" in the October 14, 2014 New Yorker

* Taqueria Poblano for P's 8th birthday
* Buffet brunch at Red Rocks (so so good, plus kids eat free)
* Our Kelly Bronze Thanksgiving turkey

* F's birthday shopping spree at Barnes and Noble (she was so happy)
* Fog science at the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage (part of the Kids' Euro Festival)
* Dumbarton Oaks on a 70 degree day
* P at Claire's, "Mom, is this the first time we've ever been to a mall?" (crazy, but the answer is yes)
* The Artisphere with the kids (so sad that it's closing)
* Christmas tree shopping at Ticonderoga Farms and decorating our tree (the kids kept spontaneously hugging)
* A snowy day at the Hirshhorn with the kids and my mom

* P scoring her first goal of the season during their last game (they won)
* Game night at Shannon's
* Lazy family nights with no organized activities (soccer is over!!)
* My busyest fall photo season ever (including an amazing pillow fight family shoot)
* Three nights in a row of happy hours (Mazagan with friends, happy hour with neighbors, and wine night with local moms)
* Fitbit challenges and averaging over 20,000 steps a day
* "Why should I make a list if this supposed 'Santa Clause' [air quotes] really exist, he can somehow see everything, right? So he'd be watching this conversation and already know what I want." - P
* T calling everyone "dorkenstein"
* "I really want a boofcase for Christmas, because it's where you put papers and stuff and I have a lot of really important papers." - T
* Settlers of Catan with Rachel and Scott
* 7 kid sleepover and no fights
* Girls on the Run with F
* "Grandma, can you please entertain us?" - T
* "P and F are still not letting me play with them. They're only letting me be god and there's no god in their game." - T
* "Mom, we are a happy family, we're just not a happy family all the time. But we love each other, even when we fight." - P


F - my friends, finishing my final project, blogging [for school], our family, a nice house to live in and food to eat

P - gymnastics, my friends, my awesome secret handshake with P, school, my family

T - my family, a nice house to live in and food to eat, that we're safe and sound, Natalia, that it's almost Thanksgiving, my new iphone [my super old iphone, which he's already lost].

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  1. GREAT list! And I would LOVE to see some pix from the pillow fight shoot, how awesome is that???



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