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Happy New Years everyone!! I planned on posting all week, but then lazy conquered, especially with this stupid broken foot, I don't seem to have motivation to do much of anything these days.

Oh well, we had a fantastic NYE and Christmas. I hope you all did too. If you have a chance, click on over and check out our "lights" post on The Stories We Tell (and if you're looking for photography inspiration/guidance, as always, I highly recommend Colie James' fantastic lifestyle photography workshop).

My image (posted above) was taken at the Hirshhorn, we all loved both their current exhibits (with kids) - Days of Endless Time (esp. the fantastic shadow room) and At the Hub of Things.

Have a great weekend!


* 2014's iconic feminist moments.

* I made this recipe for the kids last night, so so good.

* 20 best movies of 2014 from the AV Club.

* 100 best documentaries on Netflix.

* The annual Goop detox. I'm too lazy this month, but maybe in February? (On the same note, Bon Appetit's Food Lover's Cleanse looks really yummy).

* Bone Music: How Banned Western Music in the Soviet Union Was Printed on Repurposed X-Ray Records.

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