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I apologize in advance, as this week will probably be low on posts (but new things are coming! new things are coming!). P's home sick today with the flu, the same flu Dan had in December and T had in early January. I'm starting to live in fear, especially since this virus really knocks everyone out. Recovery takes weeks.

Oh well, it's January, what did I expect? And at least I'm walking again. That alone feels epic.

This week, This Untamed Life is featuring "cold" images. I haven't taken many photos lately (that sentence alone seems odd). Call it a rut. Though I did finally update my website. Check it out here, isn't it much better? And my goal for the year is to keep up a professional blog. Fingers crossed I can make this work.

Anyways, despite the icky, rainy days (yes, I said rain, as snow remains rather elusive this year), F keeps insisting we go to the park and play basketball. This is odd for me as I've never really played basketball. My sole experience involves feeling claustrophobic in high school gym as tall people hovered above me. Anyways, I'm supposed to add on that F doesn't really like this photo as her hands are positioned wrong. She'd like everyone to know this is due to movement that occurred after the ball was thrown and that she DOES know how to properly throw a ball (for that, you'll have to trust her because I DO NOT know how to properly throw a ball). Oh well, the shot really captures January, so I'm going with it, hopefully F will forgive me.

If you have a chance, click on over to This Untamed Life to check out other "cold" images.

Happy Monday everyone!!

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  1. So sorry about all the flu!!! Are you guys expecting much blizzarding in your area?? Your site is gorgeous and I Love the pic, even if the basketball hands are off - I WOULDN'T KNOW, that's for sure, ha ha ha! Never played in my life. Not even In P.E., I think!



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