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This week on This Untamed Life we're posting nature photos. I'm not sure if our family dog walks really count as "nature", but I'm going with it.

Happy Monday everyone!! If you have a chance, don't forget to click on over to This Untamed Life to see everyone else's images.


* 20 of the world's best photos taken with a camera phone. wow.

* An easier approach to summer fitness.

* 3000 miles with no screen time for kids. "Instead of memories of a crazy long car trip where they escaped the dullness in videos and games, they’ll have memories of a crazy long car trip where they formed a more complex relationship with each other and with me. They got a sense of the country, its vastness and variety, its future and past, and a sense of themselves at the same time, what their minds are capable of when allowed to roam in the deceptive bleakness of boredom. The perfect road trip."

* Turkey is so cool.

* Disturbing vintage advertisements.

* America's Top 50 Playgrounds. #2 is in DC and I can't find anyone who has ever been there. Anyone? Anyone?

* Strong is the new pretty. Love these images and love the message that goes with them.

* The Smiling Victorian. The funny thing is that very few of these people, under a modern definition, would be considered "smiley".

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