Things to Do - Around the House (April 2015)

I keep wanting to blog about SOMETHING, but the days seem to meander along, busy with life's little moments but nothing monumental - no new places or events. No milestones. And we all just seem to meander along with it all . . .

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Afternoons full of homework and our new couch (yes, finally, a much needed new couch. Unfortunately, fear of Coco ruining yet another expensive piece of furniture keeps me in a constant state of anxiety).

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A self portrait that really summarizes my life.

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Curious little brothers . . .

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Crazy second graders . . .

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And a little boy surrounded by awesome females.

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Backyard playdates - full of fake guns, pogo sticks . . .

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And bug hunts.

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Drinks on the porch with good friends.

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And light saber nights.

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A family photo (i.e. evidence that I really need a hair cut).

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Lazy weekends at the playground . .

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And naps on the couch with grandma . . .

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While T attempts to learn some history . . .

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And I read my book . . .

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And grandma wakes to help T learn.

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The kids started a business. And made $8 for the animal shelter, mostly donations, but two people signed up for dog walking, which (if you're 9) counts as success.

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Sometimes my children all get along, though an ipad is often involved.

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These two crack me up. They spend 90% of their time together bickering. The other 10%, however, is completely adorable.

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We're working on redecorating the girls' room (hopefully I'll have some photos soon). On the upside, they love it. On the downside, F barely comes downstairs anymore.

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And at night, we walk the dogs. Stopping along the way at the little library and the neighbor's swing.

So that's our life lately (minus the hours and hours of soccer games and practice), now what has everyone else been up to?

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  1. LOVED this post! AAAAAGh you have a Little Library!!!! SO jealous! your couch is gorgeous!!



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