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When the girls were little they often fell asleep on the couch together. But it doesn't happen much anymore. So glad I captured this moment.

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!! I'm off to Savannah, GA for a moms' weekend - so excited!! Don't forget to check out more weekly awesomeness on Cherish This Day.


* Time Magazine's portrait of a working mother in 1956.

* LEGGINGS!! wow, these are awesome. I wish they had kids' sizes.

* 30 free printables for kids' rooms. These are awesome!

* I already bought tickets to this. You should too. The line-up is pretty amazing. And kids under 10 are free!

* Bolder, how to grow older (link via Miss Moss). As 40 approaches, I love stories about active seniors loving life.

* 100 Creative Photography Ideas. So much inspiration.

* Cellphone.

* I want one of these (and a pool to go with it).

* Noodle pot lunch recipes. These look fantastic!!

* I finally ordered from Thred Up and I couldn't be happier, the clothes looked like new (folded! with tags!) and the prices were super cheap.

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