Things to Do - 12 in 12 (May 2015)

Is May always this hot? Seriously, it is just so so hot.

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7:45 pm - Wake up to T chilling on the couch looking at our newest photo album, which makes me happy all morning.

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8:15 am - T and Coco hang in the backyard after breakfast. BFFs as always.

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8:35 am - The kids play hide and seek/frisbee before we walk to school.

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11:00 am - Spend the morning editing a photoshoot of the cutest baby ever. Then head to Sterling to take real estate photos. I forget to bring the I-Pass and have no cash, which means I have to drive out the way to avoid tolls. Crankiness.

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3:45 pm - Pick T up from school.

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4:00 pm - Walk home from school. Our neighbor's peonies are in full bloom, so we decide to borrow one (she's a friend, so she won't mind).

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4:50 pm - Pick F and her bestie up from music class.

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5:00 pm - Pick P up from her playdate. She refuses to leave the swing.

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5:45 pm - Eat the quickest dinner ever and head to school for wax museum night. Babe Ruth makes everyone laugh.

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6:00 pm - P as Sacagawea, I kept pushing her button over and over, forcing P to repeat her speech numerous times. Truthfully, it was a parenting high. Everyone kept laughing as she rolled her eyes, glared at me, and then stated, again and again. "I am Sacagawea. I was born in . . . "

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7:30 pm - Our before-bed dog walk.

twelve (12 of 12)

7:45 pm - Happy (which is our puppy's newest nickname) tries to control her jealousy as P plays with every (and I mean EVERY) other dog in the neighborhood.

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