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I'm not always the best at healthy snacks, often I just throw out a box of cookies and call it a day. But my goal is to try harder. Either way, healthy is such a slippery concept and I'm not sure these snacks will fit everyone's definition. But at least, they're all better for you than potato chips.

So please help, we could use some new ideas. Any suggestions?? Trail mix and other things with peanut butter are always out for us . .


* Smoothies

* Parfaits with fresh fruit, granola, and yogurt

* Baked apples

* Popcorn

* Cinnamon maple caramel popcorn

* Homemade popsicles - We love everything in People's Pops: 55 Recipes for Ice Pops, Shave Ice, and Boozy Pops from Brooklyn's Coolest Pop Shop (though "healthy" might be somewhat of a misnomer).

* Apples with almond butter

* A big bowl of grapes on the counter (if I leave these out all afternoon, I'll find the grapes gone by dinner)

* Banana "soft serve"

* Fruit salad

* Mangoes (which deserve their own category because they really are so so yummy)


* Kale chips (I've found these work best if I buy bags of prewashed kale).

* Edamame

* Peppers, cucumbers, and carrots

* Crackers and cheese


* Raisins

* target="new"Somersault snacks

* Z Bars

* Pistachios

* Prepackaged bags of popcorn

* Bags of apple slices

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