Things to Read - On the Bookshelf (Kids' Reading, June 2015)

Painted in Waterlogue

1. Minions: The Junior Novel
- All three of my kids are somewhat Minion obsessed. I don't quite understand, I mean they're funny enough as co-stars, but I can't imagine a whole movie of just Minions. But F read the book and loved it. So who am I to judge?

2. Meet the Dullards - After I read about the Dullards on Silver Shoes and Rabbit Holes, I immediately reserved a copy from our library. And it did not disappoint. Especially when the Dullards LITERALLY watch paint dry. My kids could not stop laughing.

3. History Safari - My mom mailed History Safari to the kids after discovering it in a thrift store. And since then it has become T's favorite book. I'm not sure why (he's too young for the text), but the pictures are very detailed, so he enjoys looking at them and asking us questions about ancient times.

4. WALT DISNEY'S STORYLAND : 55 Favorite Stories Adapted from Walt Disney Films - I loved this book as a child. And even with a battered covered and destroyed spine, my kids seem to enjoy the old stories as much as I did. Davy Crockett. Pinocchio. Paul Bunyan. So much fun to discover them all again.


  1. eeeeeee! love your booklists so much! just placed a hold on Meet The Dullards from library, somehow that one escaped my notice over at Danzel's site. J is currently plowing thru the Henry Huggins series, and she read Amulet, which is a graphic novel series, just ordered #2 from the library. I made her a cozy area in her playstructure and why she isn't sitting in it FOR HOURS reading is beyond me. That's what I would have been doing when I was her age!

  2. Yay, so glad you loved that one! It was so funny. Walt Disney's Storyland sounds wonderful!



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