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HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!! The pics above are our from our impromptu family photo shoot in Venice. One of Venice's tiny back streets had the most beautiful light ever (really, ever), so warm and even. Even though everyone was sweating like crazy, I talked the kids and Dan into stopping for some portraits and everyone but T acquiesced.

Seriously, isn't the light so so pretty? I wish I could take photos there all the time. Does anyone want a photo shoot in Venice? Anyone? Anyone?

Have a great weekend and don't forget to check out this week's amazing over at Cherish This Day.


* The magic of winning a National Geographic Photo Contest. I LOVE THIS STORY, as well as the idea that one photograph could unite and bond a group of strangers.

* DIY leaf catchall. This looks like an awesome project with kids. Especially if you paint them.

* Hobo dinners - we should try to make some next time we camp.

* DIY instant noodle cups, sounds like a perfect lunch.

* Viva las vegas, such cool photos.

* "The world in a zip code" - this is where we live!

* I want to go to Dismaland. As in, really really want to go!

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  1. Ok that light is INCREDIBLE. It's like in some of the shots there are the most beautiful studio lights going on except there aren't! Fabulous. How cool will these be to look back upon??



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