Things to Watch - Two Fantastic New Kids' Shows (and One Adult Show) on Netflix Streaming

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Netflix Stream Team sent us these super awesome masks, along with other fun stuff, to celebrate the release of the new How To Train Your Dragon TV show. Not that we needed any extra incentive to watch. The morning the show premiered T logged onto Netflix and started screaming, "you'll never believe this! It's a TV show now! A real TV show!" We then let him binge watch over the next few days (during summer, downtime was needed, right?).

T called the show, "awesome, really awesome!!"

science (1 of 1)

Netflix Stream Team also sent us a box of coolio science experiments, along with a doll, for the release of the TV show Project MC2, about "three supersmart girls who work for a spy agency. They try to pinpoint supersmart girls all over the map and make them part of their team" (description provided by F).

If you ever want to win F over, science experiments are a surefire way to do so. Combine them with a Barbie-like doll and she'll love you for life. The girls immediately watched the show and then played spies all afternoon. Only 3 episodes are currently streaming, but my kids loved each and every one and can't wait for more to become available.

And speaking of binge-watching is anyone else watching Narcos? (a "fictional" show about the Colombian drug cartel of the 1980s, Pablo Escobar in particular). The first episode was just okay, but by episode 3 I could not stop watching. Now, every night, I'm begging the kids to hurry up and go to bed so we can start the next episode. So. so. good.

Okay, so that's us, what have you all been watching?


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  1. oh YAY thanks for the remind about How to Train Your Dragon show, we've been waiting and waiting! Andrew and I have been watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, ha ha ha. I've never seen it!



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