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T hanging out at the Colosseum (I have SO MANY photos of T looking over railings throughout Europe, I need to make a collage).

HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!! Don't forget to check out this week's photos on Cherish This Day.


* The top 23 most beautiful American campsites. Assateague made the list!! (Click here to see photos from our last trip there).

* It's not you, it's them. FUNNY!!!

* Isn't this fantastic midcentury modern house (for sale) in Arlington wonderful? (at a great price too).

* Song's from your mother's station wagon, a spotify playlist.

* The world's coolest kindergarten (link via Bleubird).

* So I'm totally in love with hipster Barbie.

* NPR's the storybook project ("We asked some fascinating parents: What are your five favorite books to read to your kids?")

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