Places to Go (Vacation) - Camping on the Beach at Assateague Island National Seashore (Berlin, MD)


Two week ago, we camped with some old and new friends at Assateague Island National Seashore. We previously visited Assateague several years ago, when the girls were toddlers (before T was born) and camped in the walk in sites, which proved tricky with little children (so. much. stuff.). So this year we reserved back-in spots at the National Park campground (click here for info, and note that the spots fill up FAST, so try and reserve a few months in advance).

I thought the water would be too cold for swimming, but assumed the kids would still enjoy open uncrowded beaches. Obviously I completely underestimated my children's need to immerse themselves in freezing ocean water. Oh well, so so much fun was had by all. Seriously, a wonderful place. Unfortunately, we didn't see any wild horses meandering through the campground, but the horse poop everywhere proved they visit frequently.

If you're interested in visiting, Assateague is about 3 hour drive from DC (it is located next to Ocean City, MD). Click here for more info.


The night slowly became colder.

sword fight

And colder . . .


And freezing.


Oh that morning light (which I rarely see because I'm a sleep-innner). T's friend spent all morning circling the tent and waiting for T to finally wake up. He even made sure everyone saved T a donut.

t wake up

Unfortunately when T woke up, he acted like this.


By 9 am everyone warmed up and the kids jumped back in the ocean.


And finally, on the drive out of the park, we saw some wild horses off the road. Wonderfulness.

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