Things to Do - Grateful List (April 2014)

bike (1 of 1)

* Watching Wolf of Wall Street
* Reading the Interestings
* Reading the Optimist's Daughter

* Tuckahoe Playground
* Cherry blossoms in full bloom (Hains Point)
* Potomac Overlook Park's Donaldson Run trail

* Cucumber/avocado soup (Actually, I love this whole detox plan)
* Jrink's jucies
* Gwyneth's spring vegetable soup

* My fitbit

VACATION (Charleston, SC)
* Arriving at the beach house (after a horrendous drive) and the kids all swimming in their clothes at sunset
* Barrier EcoTours
* Husk's punches (and a much needed date night)
* Dinner at the Obstinate Daughter (Sullivan's Island)
* The girls playing Scrabble Slam with my mom
* A whole day at Charles Towne Landing (esp. the zoo, boat, and gardens)
* Cool mornings on the beach
* F and her perfume making kit ("mom, smell this, it's a sure moneymaker.")

* T "fishing" with sticks in our backyard
* Walking everywhere (now that it's warm enough to walk)
* A great start to soccer season (P's last minute save, F's 1st game ever)
* Late night Dominion with Watson and friends; boardgames with Rachel and Scott
* Last minute playdates on a rainy Monday afternoon
* The kids carrying our puppet theater to the playground and performing
* Drinks with Linda (Kidfriendly DC), Rebecca (Not-So-SAHM), and Shannon (But I have a law degree)
* T picking wildflowers on the walk home from school (granted they were for his "poison potion", but still . . .)
* A facial and massage at Mancini de Paris
* P's recycling center field trip
* The Henry Challenge
* Molly Flanagan's Visual Storytelling Class through the Define School
* Coco surviving being hit by a car


F - my family, that everything is so great, playdates with Mika and Laney, that mom bought dinosaur egg oatmeal, that won day i won't have to live with T anymore, a week off school, going to the beach, our beach house

P - everything I love, everyone I love, the playground, gymnastics, playdates, watching Cosmos, the animals at Charles Towne Landing

T - playdates, a busy day at school tomorrow, making boats [at preschool], playdates, going to Penrose Park, going strawberry picking, going on the boat [Charles Towne Landing], bike riding with daddy, Dunkin Donuts

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