Things to Do - 12 in 12 (May 2014)

Oh Mondays . . .

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8:40 am - Walk the girls to school. F always has a book in her hand.

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8:45 am - Drop P off on the blacktop and watch her hug a good friend. I love moments like this.

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9:15 am - T insists on bringing some random combination of toys to preschool everyday. Luckily his teacher is very accommodating.

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noon - After returning from the health club I make myself lunch. Lately I'm in love with this super easy "soup" - half a cucumber, half an avocado, half a lime, then blend. So so delicious.

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12:30 - Odessa (now nicknamed "Yappy") and I pick up T from preschool. She's quite popular there.

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1:15 pm - I catch up on some emails while T plays in the kitchen.

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2:00 pm - The grocery story with T.

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2:30 pm - New friends somehow make there way into our shopping cart.


4:15 pm - While the girls attend piano/voice lessons, I take T and his friends (our piano teacher's sons) to the Lego movie. Thus causing me to sing "Everything is Awesome" for the rest of the night.

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6:15 pm - After the movie we meet up with the girls at the playground, just missing the end of P's soccer practice.

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6:30 pm - P climbs a tree (of course). After she finally makes her way down, we start walking home for dinner (pasta - very hastily thrown together in about 20 minutes).

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8:00 pm - We manage to squeeze in an after dinner dog walk before the rain starts. Well, almost.

So that was our day, now click on over to Not-So-SAHM and Where the Watermelons Grow to learn about their Mondays.

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  1. I love these posts so much! and super love the moments you captured. i'm still unable to shake 'Everything is Awesome' weeks later......darn Lego movie :)



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