Things to Do - Grateful List (September 2015)


Sometimes you take your kids to an amazing all day music festival on the National Mall and all they want to do is read books and dig in the dirt. Oh well, we try to be cool parents, but some weeks are easier than others (plus kids were free and we didn't feel like paying a babysitter). Sometimes they danced. Really. I just forgot to photograph that.


* Watching the League, Season 6 (Netflix streaming). Still my favorite show on television and my favorite sitcom of all time.
* Watching Narcos, Season 1 (Netflix streaming). Prepare to binge watch.
* Watching Force Majure (Netflix streaming)
* Watching Miss Representation with the kids (Netflix streaming). F wants to change the world now more than ever.
* Listening to Houndmouth
* Listening to Ryan Adams, 1989
* Listening to Chvurches, Every Open Eye
* Listening to my Sangria at Soccer Practice mix
* Attending Women Eating Salad Alone at Wooly Mammoth with Allegra, with drinks afterwards at Rasika
* Going to American Moments: Photographs from the Collection at the Philips' Collection
* Attending the Landmark Music Festival as a family (so much good music!)
* Reading Kate Atkinson's Life After Life

* The Smithsonian American History Museum's new Innovations wing (so. much. fun.)
* Empty pools at the end of summer
* A family Saturday dog walk by Longbranch Nature Center (still love this place)
* Zipling and sliding at the National Cathedral's Beauvoir playground
* Journey Yoga's new Wednesday yin class (so. relaxing.)
* MD Renaissance Festival
* A day at the zoo (esp. the small mammal house) with Isla
* Attending Wanderlust (5K-yoga festival) with Ann
* The playground with T and the dogs after dark on a moonless night (T was a secret ninja)

* The last meal salad from The Sprouted Kitchen Bowl and Spoon: Simple and Inspired Whole Foods Recipes to Savor and Share (pretty much the best salad ever).

* My new camera bag. I've been looking for a camera bag that also makes a great purse, this works as either or both.

* Jim and Val are back!
* Our labor day happy hour/party
* The fact that almost all the children in our neighborhood know all the lyrics to Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" (how did this happen? It wasn't through me)
* Movie night and drinks at the neighbor's after the back to school picnic
* Drinks with Lola
* Working out again with Myra (my personal trainer) after a 3 month break
* Wine night makeovers
* Neighborhood kids stopping by and teaching T how to skateboard
* Photographing a gorgeous Rust Manor wedding
* Watson visiting with his girlfriend and making us dinner
* T's friend - "do your sisters really think they can run faster than us?" T - "Not only can they run faster, they are stronger than us too. You can't beat them up, trust me, I've tried."


F - A nice house to live in and food to eat, my family, that everything is so great, Happy & Coco, books

P - My family, Calvin and Hobbes, school, Laney, soccer, my teacher, playdates and sleepovers, that Halloween is coming

T - my family, school, Mateo coming in the morning, helping you with your photoshoot [at Rust Manor], working with Ms. C, my nunchucks, Halloween, my playdate with Julia, skateboarding with Cole and Jack, going to the music festival

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