Places to Go/ Things to Do - Longbranch Nature Center (Arlington, VA) & Random Links

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I know it's a Monday, but I'm not sure how busy we'll be with our spring break stay-cation, especially once the temperatures warm up again. So I thought I'd post random links today instead of on Friday.

Last week, we had a great time at the creek off Longbranch Nature Center, which is one of my absolute favorite places once spring rolls around.

Happy spring everyone! Don't forget to check out last week's awesome new post on 5 Hours 'Til Bedtime.


* 16 amazing camping locations in Virginia. Also, the best stargazing in West Virginia.

* I am OBSESSED with this home makeover.

* North Korea on an iphone.

* This looks like a cool magazine for kids.

* Could you give up your house/apartment/condo and live in a van? I'm not sure I could manage it, but then again, a life on the road would be pretty incredible.

* An abandoned Disney park reclaimed by nature.

* 8 Tips for Taking Amazing Photos (usually I find posts like this rather generic, but these are really good tips. plus the $.99 Skillshare subscription is all sorts of awesome.

* Local readers - doesn't this look like SO MUCH FUN?

* Surfing the arctic circle.

* I was a Whole Foods dumpster diver. There is something disturbing about the amount of food we throw away.

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