Things to Do - The End of the World - A Playlist

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I'm not going to sugarcoat it, last week was tough. First the election and then Leonard Cohen's death. I don't talk about politics much on this blog (nor do I plan to in the future) and I'm not saying Hillary isn't flawed. But I just don't understand how Trump won. I've spent hours reading articles and sharing articles and trying to analyze it all, but in the end I'm just really really sad. And scared.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with loss/disappointment. So I made a playlist. Some angry songs. Some hopeful songs. Some funny songs. And listening to it made the week go a little better.

Regardless of who we elect president, I still believe love trumps hate. So I'm going to try to take advice from this post and "ask everyone if they are okay and if they’re not see what you can do. Say hi to strangers. Volunteer, anywhere. Shop locally. Host people in your home. Cook for yourself and others. Speak up when you see racism and sexism in action. Protest. Donate time and money. Talk to older people more. Talk to kids more. Teach empathy. If you feel your future is in danger, start now to build a secure foundation for yourself. If you’re in less danger, reach out to those who are and offer your time and money and care to them."


  1. Following the elections from far, in my surrounding almost everyone was shocked and we asked ourselves too- how could that happen...
    We have a terrible leader in our country and well... you can really just make sure that you do the things you listed- good luck to us all.

  2. thank you friend and thank you for the inspiration and words of hope (and the songs!)



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