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Happy weekend everyone!


* I found this article fascinating.

* 10 fun attractions off 1-81 (from Winchester to Staunton). Who's up for a VA road trip?

* Photos of dinnertime across the United States.

* Pancakes and a new baby. Seriously, how cute is this family?

* This street art is AMAZING (and funny).

* 1950s American vacations in Kodachrome.

* This!

* The 21 best movies and tv shows to stream when it's raining on vacation (totally excited to learn that HBO has Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead).

* I want this t-shirt. And speaking of T-shirts have you seen Spiderman homecoming? F wants all of Peter Parker's t-shirts.

* I'm thinking of buying myself a subscription to this cocktail box for back to school. Or maybe this one.

* Some of the most beautiful secret places in VA. The Devil's Bathtub looks AMAZING!

* The 150 greatest albums made by women. Do you agree?

* 13 writers long listed for the Booker prize.

* The Friends from College playlist = lots of nostalgia.

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