Things to Do - Project 52, Weeks 27 & 28

It's funny, when I think about week 27 all my memories center around working during the day and T coming into my office every 30 minutes to tell me he's bored. And P watching TV. And F calling from sleep away camp. But when I look at the photos I realize we did a ton of cool stuff that week.

Summer is tricky. You go from so little time with your kids to SO MUCH time with your kids. I find it hard to strike the right balance between structured and lazy days.

Luckily, for week 28 Dan's parents took the kids and their cousins to Smith Mountain Lake for a week. I thought I'd use this time to take photos for myself, still lifes and neighborhood shots. But instead I put the camera down. And I edited and exercised and drank cocktails at night with my husband. And life was so quiet. Turns out I needed a week to miss them and to find myself.

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(1) Backpacking in Shenandoah National Park.
(2) The view from Skyline Drive. A storm blew in about 30 minutes after we finished the hike back to the car. #lucky
(3) Watching the Universoul Circus at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival (love DC's free events!).
(4) The circus.
(5) Our neighbor leaves a container of bubble solution and wands in her yard, so kids walking by can play. How fun is that?
(6) Sharks at the National Geographic Museum.
(7) T and Dan reading before bed.
(8) Watching DC's 4th of July fireworks from Columbia Pike.
(9) The kids always make horrible trades and, thus, let Dan win Settlers of Catan, which infuriates me. After this game P said, "There's a point where I just wanted to end it and let dad win, so we'd still have time to watch a movie before bed." #disappointedmom
(10) Fireworks after our neighborhood's 1st annual BBQ battle.

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(1) Dan picked the kids up from Smith Mountain Lake and bought T this sweatshirt on the way home. Then he ran over to see his friends and they all were wearing camo sweatshirts too. Unplanned. Keep in mind it was 90 degrees that day. I guess he's found his people.

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