Things to Eat - Summer Meal Plan (June through July)

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MONDAY - Chris's arroz con pollo at the beach house.

TUESDAY - Kelly's taco bar at the beach house.

WEDNESDAY - Dinner at Lalibela Ethiopian on our way home from Nags Head.

THURSDAY - TJ's chicken tenders and frozen risotto.

FRIDAY - Maggie's pasta (recipe here).

SATURDAY - Eat at the wedding I'm photographing.

SUNDAY - My mom comes to visit, so we take her to our favorite Ethiopian restaurant (Lalibela on Columbia Pike & Glebe Road) - love this place!



MONDAY - Grilled pepper and torn mozzarella panzanella (via Smitten Kitchen's blog) with smoked sausage and cherry tomatoes on the side (in case the kids didn't want the salad).

TUESDAY - Zuni chicken (via Gwyneth's It's All Easy). I love this recipe.

WEDNESDAY - Perogies and leftovers.

THURSDAY - Lasagna at Arlington's Outdoor Lab (as I chaperone a 5th grade camping trip).

FRIDAY - Italian Store subs for Wilco at Wolf Trap. The kids eat mac and cheese at home.

SATURDAY - I have a photoshoot, Dan makes pasta with italian sausage.

SUNDAY - Dan makes pork chops and potatoes.



MONDAY - Easy warm couscous salad (via Cup of Jo) and hot dogs. I loved this salad but the kids didn't agree. So it goes. I'm having a hard time seeing them on a lot of salad.

TUESDAY - Vegetarian tacos (cauliflower and corn).


THURSDAY - Tabouli and chicken fingers.

FRIDAY - Dan makes fish sticks.

SATURDAY - I have a photo shoot and Dan has the "Dad Olympics", so F makes mac and cheese for the kids.

SUNDAY - Dinner in Kennett Square, PA before the Josh Ritter concert (we took the whole family for Father's Day).



MONDAY - Dan makes sausage, broccoli, and parmesan pasta. Yum!

TUESDAY - Dan grills steaks. Corn as a side.

WEDNESDAY - TJ's polenta with sides of cooked chicken sausage, marinara sauce, and parmesan cheese. And a blueberry/strawberry salad. This is one of my favorite easy meals. The kids eat the polenta different ways - F makes with sandwiches with the polenta and sausage, whereas T and P want everything on the side. It's an easy way to make everyone happy.

THURSDAY - Dinner out with friends, Dan cooks for himself and the kids.

FRIDAY - Our annual end of the school year solstice party - Dan makes a GIGANTIC pot of gumbo.

SATURDAY - Order pizza after the Nationals Game (everyone was too tired to cook).

SUNDAY - I have a photoshoot, Dan makes pasta.



MONDAY - Dinner at Great Wolf Lodge (I love a good Living Social deal).

TUESDAY - Lentil salad with tomatoes (recipe here); chicken tenders for the kids.

WEDNESDAY - I have a photoshoot; Dan and the kids go to Silver Diner, I come home and make gazpacho with goat cheese (yum!) (recipe here).

THURSDAY - Dinner with friends at Cava; Dan feeds the kids.

FRIDAY - Lalibela Ethiopian restaurant. We love this place.

SATURDAY - Overnight backpack in Shenandoah National Park. We cooked store-bought freeze-dried meals that all tasted horrible. Luckily we had snacks.

SUNDAY - Whole Foods carryout in Charlottesville, VA after we drop F off at summer camp (10 whole days!!). The dogs were in the hotel room with us so we couldn't go out to eat.


MONDAY - Dinner out at Marble & Rye after the Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

TUESDAY - 4th of July BBQ battle at friends' house - Dan makes ribs.

WEDNESDAY - Dan makes pasta.

THURSDAY - Baja fish tacos (recipe here). One of our favorite staple recipes. Everyone loves it.

FRIDAY - Kids out of town - dinner with Dan at Taqueria el Poblano on Columbia Pike.

SATURDAY - Dinner at a wedding I'm photographing

SUNDAY - Date night dinner at Espita Mezcaleria.

WEEK 7 - Kids out of town Mon- Friday

MONDAY - Fennel bean salad (via Food 52 Mighty Salads). I'm in love with this new cookbook.

TUESDAY - Pasta with sausage (use up leftovers).

WEDNESDAY - Date night dinner at Texas Jacks.

THURSDAY - Date night dinner at Mazagan with friends.

FRIDAY - Kids and Dan out of town, I make gazpacho for myself before a friend's wine night.

SATURDAY - Zuni chicken (via Gwyneth's It's All Easy) for everyone's return home. I love this recipe.

SUNDAY - Dan grills hot dogs and hamburgers.


MONDAY - Tomato, corn, and chickpea salad (via Cup of Jo) with pasta on the side. This is the perfect summer salad. PERFECT!

TUESDAY - Crockpot carnitas before the King and I.

WEDNESDAY - Leftovers.

THURSDAY - Dan makes fish for the kids (I got out to eat with a friend).

FRIDAY - Pasta with bacon and corn (via Smitten Kitchen's blog).

SATURDAY - Dinner at Silver Diner.

SUNDAY - BBQ at a friend's house.


MONDAY - Steaks with chimichuri sauce and homemade tabouli.

TUESDAY - P - "mom, we're all sort of hungry but not really hungry. So can we just make our own dinners? I really want ramen." (It's definitely summertime).

WEDNESDAY - Clean out the freezer - Trader Joe's chicken fingers and risotto.

THURSDAY - Dinner at Lalibela Ethiopian.

FRIDAY - Leave for vacation!!

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