Things to Do - Grateful List (May/June 2017)

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* Watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 for family date night (so good!)
* Watching Wonder Woman with my mom and the kids
* Watching Girls, Season 6 (especially episode 3)
* Watching Shameless, Season 7 (this is BY FAR the best show on TV).
* Watching Neighbors 2 (which was shockingly funny)
* Watching Manchester by the Sea
* Reading Rich and Pretty
* Reading Anything is Possible

* A not-very-hot Sunday at Claude Moore Colonial Farm's market fair
* Artomatic with P on a rainy Sunday
* Artechouse's XYZT exhibit with my mom and the kids
* Attending Wilco at Wolf Trap for date night
* Last minute Nats tickets from a client (thank you!!)

* Trunk Club (esp. Derek Brandt, my stylist)

* Cooler temps in May (after a really hot April)
* Jim and Val in town from Indonesia
* T's May 9th grateful list: (1) that my mom didn't break her foot [I thought I did]; (2) that Coco is not dead yet [she's getting old]; (3) my family; (4) nerf guns
* Straight As for P and F (T doesn't receive grades yet)
* The grade school spring concert - F's flute solo ("I am sixteen going on seventeen") and F's performances in bucket drummers, music makers, and cello. P's music makers and flute performances.
* F scored one of two goals to win her team's soccer game
* Dan and P repainting the kitchen
* A week of wine nights and happy hours
* T and his friends fort building and nerf gunning for HOURS after school
* "Isla what makes you so awesome?" "Well, a beautiful day with beautiful dresses and being nice to animals all the time."
* F and her friends STILL singing Hamilton all morning (actually, I'm pretty over it, but it's probably better than other music 5th graders would love)
* P and my mom playing Scrabble all the time
* An afternoon off school - Shake Shack and Ice Cream Jubilee
* F rocking out her piano recital
* P's comment on T's birthday - "I was 8 once. Nobody cared."
* T's love of his new bow
* 9 kids of all ages playing sardines together on an early release day (they were hiding everywhere)
* P to T, "Adults usually swear when they drink, haven't you learned anything from watching our parents."
* T receiving the good citizenship award (only two kids in each classroom are recipients)
* Our 4th annual summer solstice/last day of school block party

* Great Wolf Lodge and Yorktown/Jamestowne with P's 4th grade class
* Camping in Arlington's Outdoor Lab with F's fifth grade class
* Camping in Shenandoah River State Park (F reading, T attending the fire, P exploring) and the smell of honeysuckle everywhere
* Josh Ritter's concert at Longwood Gardens for Father's Day (we took the whole family) & T belting out the lyrics to "Getting Ready to Get Down"
* One night at Great Wolf Lodge (T and his friends loved playing hide and seek in the hotel room's xx cabin)

VACATION - Our annual Memorial week beach house in Nags Head, NC (8 families, 36 people)
* "Darcy, your room looks like your car." - Isla
* Perfect weather and conversations
* Sleeping 10 hours a night (I'm getting old)
* Margaritas with beer
* T and F rocking out the lip sync contest

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