Things to Do/ Places to Go - 10 Days of Summer Fun (the Countdown)

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To be honest, the summer did not start off with a bang. For the first two weeks I had to work everyday and I assumed the kids could mostly entertain themselves (the first week P had basketball camp and the second week F had sleep away camp, but T was here). I was wrong. At first, they loved the unstructured lazy days, but then boredom set in. And trying to edit while bored kids complained in the background was a NIGHTMARE!

Luckily, last week their grandparents picked them up and took them to Smith Mountain Lake (yay!!) and I worked crazy hours trying to get all my editing done (I'm 90% there). This break from parenting allowed me to regroup and come up with a plan (as you've all probably realized, I love a plan). So here goes . . .

DAY 1 - MON - Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens in the morning (according to Kidfriendly DC the flowers are in peak bloom and look amazing), the pool in the afternoon. (rain plan - switch to day 3).

DAY 2 - TUESDAY - Apple Camp in Clarendon in the morning (it's free!), pool in the afternoon, and the King and I at the Kennedy Center at night (when I was a kid, my grandmother took me to see this play and I still remember loving it, so now it's my turn to take my kids).

DAY 3 - WEDNESDAY - Smithsonian Museum of Natural History (including butterflies and the IMAX Amazon movie at 11:20).

DAY 4 - THURSDAY - Apple Camp in Clarendon in the morning (it's free!), followed by Nicecream, which everyone says is phenomenal. Ice skating at Kettler in the afternoon (public skate is 3:40 to 4:40 on weekdays).

DAY 5 - FRIDAY - Apple Camp in the morning (it's free!) followed by chores to earn spending money for vacation. At night if everyone is motivated, drive to the Lincoln Memorial for a picnic.

DAY 6 - SATURDAY - Flag Ponds Nature Park and/or hiking at Potomac Overlook Park (rain plan - switch with day 8).

DAY 7 - SUNDAY - Spiderman in the theaters in the morning, pool in the afternoon. If everyone is motivated, at night drive to the Jefferson Memorial and watch the sunset.

DAY 8 - MONDAY - Newseum. Kids are free in the summer.

DAY 9 - TUESDAY - Apple Camp in Pentagon City (it's free!) with lunch/shakes at Shake Shack and the pool in the afternoon.

DAY 10 - WEDNESDAY - Tour the Mansion on O Street (thank you KidFriendly DC for the suggestion).

THURSDAY and FRIDAY - Get ready for vacation . . .

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