Things to Buy - 7 Last Minute Holiday Gifts

For the last month I planned out a gift guide, but I never had time to write/post it. So now I'm down to the wire, but luckily there are some gifts that you still have time to buy.


1. A History of Food in 100 Recipes (delivery by December 22nd through Amazon with expedited shipping) - Full disclosure, I just bought this for myself for Christmas ("treat. yo. self."). It sounds like such a fun combination of history, cooking, and quirky facts that I can't wait to cuddle up on the couch and dive in.

2. Smitten Kitchen Everyday (delivery by December 22nd through Amazon Prime). The best food blog just released the best cookbook. Plus the recipes aren't complicated - making it the perfect gift for kitchen newbies or seasoned chefs.

3. Pinhole Press Calendars (delivery after Christmas). Okay, so this probably won't arrive by Christmas, but nobody needs a calendar before January. Just print out a picture of said gift and let the receiver know that it's on the way. Pinhole Press has the best calendars, the photos always print well (no ugly colors) and the paper quality is exceptional.

4. Aperture's The Photography Workshop Series (delivery by December 22nd through Amazon Prime). In the age of instagram, it feels like everyone suddenly has some interest in photography (which is awesome) and I can't recommend this series highly enough. So many pointers, tips, and things to consider. Plus the photos are phenomenal.


5. Gift certificate for Darcy Troutman Photography (instantaneous delivery). Give memories instead of stuff. Yes, I'm shamelessly plugging myself. Email me at darcytroutman@hotmail.com for all options.

6. Plated gift certificate (instantaneous delivery). Because sometimes meal planning sucks.

7. Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club gift certificate (instantaneous delivery). I bought a Shaker and Spoon subscription this fall and I can't believe how happy it has made me. I love cocktails but I hate the scavenger hunt that goes into finding the ingredients, especially when I'm trying something new and I'm not sure I'll like it. This monthly box makes everything easy. I love the cool/quirky drinks they send. Since I work weekends, I often treat myself to a drink or two on Tuesday nights. The perfect after dinner treat.

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