Things to Do - Grateful List (October & November 2017)

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I binge-watched a lot of TV/movies while editing this fall. And even though work was crazy - we still found time to do some awesome things . . .


* Watching the Meyerowitz Stories (Netflix).
* Watching 12 Years a Slave (Amazon).
* Watching Mindhunter, season 1 (Netflix).
* Watching the Mother Project (Amazon).
* Watching Stranger Things, season 2 (Amazon).
* Watching Beatrice at Dinner (Amazon).
* Watching Lady Bird (in theaters).

* Reading the Idiot (sort of a quirky read, but I really loved this book).
* Re-reading (and still loving) Alice Munro's Lives of Girls and Women.


* Apple picking at Stribling Orchard (it was crazy crowded, but once we found a good place to hang out we had a blast).


* The War on Drugs with Colleen at the Anthem.
* The Head and the Heart at the Anthem for date night.
* Luna at the Black Cat with Colleen (so so cool to see one of my favorite bands ever live in a small intimate venue!).
* Angus and Julia Stone at the 9:30 club for date night (plus drinks at the Gibson afterwards!).
* Kingdom of Colors at Artechouse (loved this exhibit).
* Vermeer at the National Gallery of Art.


* F making pie (such good pie) and apple cake with apples from the orchard.
* F and Dan doing all most all of the cooking this fall.


* My first double wedding (two weddings in two days - super happy with how both turned out).
* F's annual birthday Barnes and Noble shopping spree.
* Volunteering as a crossing guard with T in the morning (now there's a 4 way stop sign, so we retired).
* F winning an award (outstanding delegate) at her first model UN conference.
* T's paintball birthday party (6 months late, but at least we did it); P's Sherlock Holmes Escape Room birthday party (on time this year!).
* Another great Halloween - starting with a happy our at our neighbors' house. The kids this year were: P - a 1980s girl (with 3 of her friends); F - a zombie scarecrow; T - a scary guy with a mask and a chainsaw.
* T surprising me with breakfast in bed (just because).
* F always organizing all our ipad apps (so many folders and categories).
* P's soccer team winning divisional finals (plus P scored a wicked goal).
* Family debates over who won the game of Life - F - "I worked my way up and changed my life"; me - "I retired way before any of you."; Dan - "I changed careers three times and still came out okay at the end."; T - "I'm a rich doctor with six kids and a mansion, I won guys. I obviously won."; P - "Isn't this game over yet? I just want to go to bed."
* Straight As for both girls and honor roll for T (so proud of all of them, especially since they never seem to do any homework).
* Thanksgiving dinner at Dan's brother's house (so good!).


* Storm King, NY (esp. wave hill) in the height of fall with my best friend and her family.
* Camping at Shenandoah River State Park (love this place).
* Renting a cabin in Floyd, VA for two nights. The stars at night were amazing, as were the dogs running through the fields, smores, and a lazy afternoon of HGTV (plus seeing Northam posters throughout southern VA).
* Camping the weekend before Thanksgiving at Sky Meadows State Park, VA (esp. the owls at night and walking with Parker in the dark/dusk to the campground - it's a one mile hike in).

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