Places to Go (Vacation) - Snowshoe, WV for the 4th of July


As I mentioned on Monday, we spent Independence Day in Snowshoe, WV at the resort's annual bluegrass festival. The girls think it's silly that America has a birthday. They find it even sillier that, just like them, America has "favorite colors." ("Why does America like blue and white, mom? Why not pink and purple? WHY?"). We tried to talk to them about presidents and constitutions and the history of our nation but as soon as Mt. Vernon came up they said "so if we get a really big house with lots of antiques then we get to pick America's colors?" Umm, history is confusing.


During the festival free live music played throughout the day, accompanied by free bounce houses and eurobungee (not free). Last weekend marked my first viewing of eurobungee (sort of like "bungee light") which looked so fun I really wanted to try it (but I felt awkward standing in line with a bunch of 3-10 year olds). The girls, however, loved it and kept asking to do it again and again.


The Del McCoury Band headlined the weekend and, unlike the rest of the performers, the resort required tickets to see them. Luckily, my in-laws' condo faced the stage, so we sat by the windows and listened to the music - watching a diaper-clad T bounce and dance to old-school bluegrass. We also had binoculars and small telescope for viewing (T kept holding the telescope to his nose and clapping, evidently confused as to its purpose), Del sounded great but looked OLD. After the band, the resort hosted a WONDERFUL fireworks display. And now all T keeps saying is "see firework? see mo' firework? them 'o boom boom!" Over and over again.

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