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We spent our first night in San Fran eating the most marvelous dinner, cooked with fresh local ingredients. In order to obtain said ingredients, we walked from Telegraph Hill to the Ferry Building marketplace and bought fresh veggies and fish from the San Francisco Fish Company (I love that the vegetable market provided compostable plastic bags - how cool is that?). Then we hiked back to Crystal's apartment (yes, when you walk up those hills, the word "walking" ceases to explain your movements). And Kai (Crystal's fiance) volunteered to make us dinner while we drank wine, wore snuggies (it's cold in San Fran) and took in the view of the bay from their deck. And life was good. Oh yeah, and then we ate the best dinner ever.

San Francisco Halibut Recipe:

1) Saute fresh shitake mushrooms with some fennel, leeks, red and gold peppers, spinach, and a dash of tarragon in olive oil.

2) Place the spinach on parchment paper, the halibut on top, add some salt and pepper. Then add the rest of the sauteed veggies with a pat of butter

3) For two steaks cook at 375 degrees for about 10 minutes.




*Ice sculptures with salt and liquid watercolors - my kids would LOVE this.

*These DIY paper lanterns are gorgeous. i want one.

*I love these little boxes made from paint swatches, wouldn't they be perfect for jewelry?

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  1. ahh this sounds delish. we just left san fran 2 months ago and i miss the food so much.



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