Things to Make - Princess Crowns


During our visit to Snowshoe, WV the resort was hosting a bluegrass festival - lots of live free music, vendors, bouncee castles, and eurobungee. One of the vendors was selling "princess crowns" for $1 (yes, you read that right, for ONE DOLLAR). So when the girls said "please, please, please" I said yes without hesitation (this happens once in a blue moon). The girls loved their crowns so much they're still wearing them a week later. Upon inspection, the crowns look super easy (and cheap) to make - I think they would make great party favors.

The scoop:

1. Buy metallic garland from a crafts store or online - for example, Amazon sells 9' Metallic Snowflake Garland.

2. Fit the garland in a loop to match a child's head.

3. Attach long ribbons to the back of the garland crown. Use a pencil or scissors to make the ribbons curly.

Simple, huh?


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