Things to Read - 7 Great Art/Design/Craft/Inspiration Blogs

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1. This blog can be sort of overwhelming, as they choose a new artist almost every day and showcase several pieces of her work. So if you don't like what you see make sure to scroll back a few pages to find someone else. The variety of artists makes it great.

life on sundays

2. Probably the best eye candy I've ever seen on the web. This collection of images is simply stunning. Better than even the best of pinterest (which is saying a lot).


3. Odd, quirky design finds, such as skull portraits and the world's largest rope swing. I'm never sure what I'm going to find, but I'm always intrigued.


4. I think this is a really famous blog that has been around for awhile, but I discovered it recently (and I'm in love). The pictures of great vintage clothes (the blog's author owns a store) are amazing and I love the accessible, beautiful craft projects.


5. Gorgeous photos accompany interviews with artists who work in a variety of mediums - paint, photography, sculpture, etc. A great read.


6. Random (often beautiful) etsy and web finds, the quirkier the better. Also the visually appealing format makes if fun to scroll through.


7. Lots of great articles, wonderful quotes, photographs, and other sources of inspiration - Patti Smith, Lucian Freud, Murakami, Madonna, etc.



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