Things to Make - A Valentine's Day/ Welcome Home Banner


Dan spent most of last week traveling for work, so for his return the kids and I decided to make a Valentine's Day/Welcome Home banner. I've been seeing all these great watercolor painting projects around the web lately*, which I couldn't wait to try out with the kids. But all three children already had their own ideas for dad's banner. F insisted we use pink and red construction paper and markers (her favorite art supply these days). P insisted on using crayons. And T really wanted to paint (T always wants to paint). So I shelved my fancy ideas and let the kids create on their own terms. T, of course, finished painting and coloring his hearts in about five minutes. P spent about 25 minutes on her creations and F spent a good part of the morning. Which is how these things often go.

I taped all the kids' hearts to a string and hung the final product on our kitchen island. And when Dan came home Saturday night, we celebrated like crazy.

**Other Watercolor Painting Projects to Try with Your Kids:

*I love these gravity-painted cards created with watercolor paint and water.

*This is a similar take on the project above, just wet watercolor paper and let your kids paint. By using tape to create a frame (then peeling the tape off when the paint dries) the result is much "fancier" then most kids' art projects. Totally wall-worthy.

*Watercolor silhouettes. For Valentine's Day you could use heart stencils instead of animal stencils.

*And in case you don't have any watercolor paint around the house, here's a recipe on how to make some, using kitchen staples and food coloring.

**Other Valentine's Day Banners From Around the Web:

*From Not-So-SAHM, a tie-dye heart garland using coffee filters, water, and do-a-dot markers. I love how this turned out.

*I love this heart-chain made with just a stapler and strips of paper. Such a simple idea, but yet I never thought of it.

*Lace, modpodge, and cookie-cutter molds = beautiful.


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