Things to Do - Grateful List (January 2012)


1. The return of Downton Abbey (cheesy melodrama with an accent)
2. Watching MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech as a family
3. Williams Sonoma Kids Baking (best children's cookbook ever)
4. First Aid Kit's new album, the Lion's Roar
5. The Sanctuary (archeology article on the world's oldest temple) in the New Yorker, December 19&26, 2011
6. Ann Beattie's short story collection, What Was Mine.


7. Estofado in the slow cooker
8. Spaghetti squash with tomato, onion, and feta
9. Slow cooker chicken mole (via Everyday Food)


10. Stories in Art at the National Gallery
11. Our girls' trip to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History


12. Dancing rainbows from our Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker


13. P's friends playing with T "you are the handsomest prince ever. and the kindest."
14. Finally snow.
15. Jim and Val's going away party (china, wow, china)
16. A lazy morning full of arts and crafts followed by the kids all playing together for hours
17. The neighbors' trampoline
18. A dress up box full of princess outfits, superhero costumes, and construction worker uniforms
19. Dan and T hammering together ("hammer kisses!")
20. Dance parties and basement glowstick "raves"
21. F learning about MLK "he changed the world. he really did" and Rosa Parks "she knew those laws were silly, she knew she didn't have to move her seat on the bus" and P asking "are there still places where people are treated differently because of the color of their skin? Why would people ever act like that?"
22. F's insistence on always playing outside, regardless of temperature
23. E's craft projects (frames from white paper, stick wands), pretty impressive ideas from a 6 year old
24. The neighbors' new dogs and puppies
25. Finally having a playroom, master suite, driveway, and kitchen island (not that we weren't happy without these things, but they do make life
26. A wonderful realtor (Katie Loughney) and a great handyman = a house under contract after less than a week on the market
27. "Can you please help me lock this so none of P's friends can get into it and find out who my true love is?" - F talking about her diary (despite the fact that none of P's friends can read yet)
28. "T, can you play upstairs with us?" "No, mom, I have to get some work done."
29. 63 degree days in january
30. P and F playing "the old days"; F - "I can't believe we're really in the old days." P - "no, F, people in the old days didn't know it was the old days."
31. A crepe breakfast in bed (I have the best husband ever)
32. CROSSFIT (South Arlington) - best workout ever!!!!!
33. T wearing underpants (we'll see how this goes)
34. Cupcakes and dinner for my birthday with close friends

The Kids' Lists:

F - our new house, the [neighbor's] trampoline, Cybil Lily, when my sister and I get along, nights when we see daddy, daddy coming home from work, playing dolls with P when we get along

P - dessert, dollies, my family, our bunkbed, our new house, coloring, our friends, the [neighbor's] trampoline, books, a nice home to live in

T - good guys, bad guys, stuffed animals, darth vader, horses, dada, mama, superheros, my new room


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