Places to Go - A Morning On the Tidal Basin (Washington DC)


Last weekend, my good friend, Laurie, came to town (yay!!!), the weatherman predicted amazing weather so we decided to take the kids to the tidal basin for the morning. We parked right by the river at Hains Point, one of my favorite hidden treasures of DC (also a great spot for easy access to the Jefferson Memorial) - lots of beautiful views, though the sidewalks are in a sad state of disrepair.

Unfortunately, the wind was stronger than expected, so we hurried over to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt memorial, where the trees helped block the cold air. This memorial has become one my favorite spots in DC - beautiful waterfalls, lovely statues, great views of the capital, and huge rocks to climb make it the perfect spot for a picnic lunch with kids.


No matter how hard I try, I can never get a really good shot of the waterfalls.


The rock piles can entertain my kids for hours. Really.


The statues of the Great Depression are so beautifully done. They make a great history lesson for kids.


From the Roosevelt memorial we walked on the tidal basin to the MLK memorial, which was lovely though incredibly crowded. I thought F would enjoy seeing MLK's statue, since they spent so much time at school discussing his legacy, but I think the large crowds overwhelmed her somewhat. Plus there weren't any rocks to climb.


So we reversed our route and walked back to Hains Point. The bridges in particular fascinated T, who couldn't believe that cars were actually driving on top of us.
All in all a great morning, plus it felt wonderful to have my friend back for awhile.


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